Signature Weddings. Stylish Events.

Skyy Event  Center is an ideal place to host your wedding reception and wedding shower.

Located in the beautiful city of Chaska, Minnesota, the Skyy Event venue is spacious, welcoming and you're meet a dedicated professional staff who will host you with the elegance, style and friendliness that will make you feel as if they're family to the married couple.

Your full satisfaction is what drives us.

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Skyy Event Center is an ideal venue for your wedding reception. Hosting your wedding reception with us will be one of an unforgettable experience of a royal class.

Events & Galas

Looking for a venue to host your banquet or gala? Well, no worries, the Skyy Event Hall is at service to host your banquet in style and leave with memories that will make you  refer your family members, friends and institutions you are a part.

Parties & Celebrations 

For your parties and celebrations, Skyy Event Hall is here to fulfill the party and celebration of your life time.

We'll host you to a friendly atmosphere and you'll enjoy your event and you'll appreciate yourself for choosing us.

Name your event and celebration, we host them all!